The Finding of Aesculapius. 1822-39. Giovanni Tognolli 1786-1862. oil/canvas.

Psyche and the Tribunal of Venus. 19th.century. the French School. hand colored etching. part of the Gianni Versace art collection. Sotheby’s auction. 2009.

St.Sebastian. Roberto Ferri. Italian b.1978.

Blackness.   Roberto Ferri. Italian b.1978. drawing.

The Oath of Brutus after the death of Lucretia. 1884. Henri Pinta. French 1856-1944. oil/canvas.  1884. winner Prix de Rome.

Themistocles Drinking Poison. 1887. Henri Camille Danger. French 1857-1940. oil/canvas. winner 1887 Prix de Rome.

The Fisher Boy. 1865. Charles Eugene Brunin. Belgian 1881-1887. bronze.

Large patinated gilt bronze mantel clock with the effigy of Alexander the Great. 19th.century. Lenoir Ravrio. French 1783-1846.

Mercury. 1825. gilt bronze mantel clock attributed to Lenoir Ravrio. French 1783-1846.

Detail : Sisyphus. 1660-65. Antonio Zanchi. Italian 1631-1722. oil /canvas.

The Martyrdom of the Maccabees.1781. Jean Baptiste Vignaly. French 1762-1800s. oil/canvas. Winner 1781. Prix de Rome.

Death of Timophanes. 1874. Paul Albert Besnard. French 1894-1934. oil/canvas. Winner Prix de Rome 1874.

Detail : The Triumph of Hercules. 1839. Francesco Coghetti. Italian 1801-1875. fresco.

Ariadne Dreams about the departure of Theseus. 1814-15. Pelagio Palagi. Italian 1775-1860. tempera/canvas.

Capriccio with Roman Ruins. 18th.century. Giovanni Paolo Panini. Italian 1691-1765. oil/canvas.